Fusion Reactor for Rust
Rust IDE for Atom

Cargo Project Support

Create library and binary cargo packages, manage them too.

Manage Rust Toolchains

Select and update Rust toolchains on-the-fly.

Intelligent Code Completion

Code completion provided by Racer runs continuously

Code Linting

Code linting made by linter-rust and lints the code on-the-fly

токамак Terminal

Run, debug and test the code from the command line


Below are features and todos of токамак, some of them is already built in and others are on the way to be included in, if you want to implement any of these features that doesn't have icon, don't hesitate to open a PR. If you want a feature just open a issue on GitHub.


Linting the Rust code on-the-fly with rustc. Makes precompilation and show error while coding.

Intelligent Code Completion

Fast and accurate code completion via racer shows best completion from Rust sources.

Managing Rust Toolchain

Changing and managing rust toolchains via multirust and make them up-to-date everytime.

Cargo Project Support

Enables cargo project creation and lifecycle management features.

Токамак system helper

A system helper that helps tokamak to acquire Rust source code, detect binaries and compilers, makes massive builds etc.


Terminal for running commands, cargo and system helper. Observing errors and warnings will be much more easier.